When and Where

The modules are open to all who are interested in deepening their understanding and experience of Shamanic Family Constellations.
And to those who wish to qualify as a Shamanic Family Constellator Facilitator.

For those who want to work on themselves they may take any module from 1 to 5.
All Modules/Workshops are independent, 1 is not prerequisite for Module 2.
Modules can be taken in any order.  

Trainers come to South Africa twice a year.  

Das Águas [From the Waters] Tempera on handmade paper – 1996    

Cape Town Workshops
Constantia Hills

Module 1 - The Orders of Love                      13 - 15 October  
Module 3 - Health, Disease and Death         10 - 12 October 
Module 4 - Relationships                                18 - 20 October 
Song circle and Sweatlodge                            21 October